Never Read the Comments: The Jacuzzi of Despair

(The following is merely a selection from the first 4 days)

Ignoring the slew of comments about the host and the 50 billion people who dropped in just to shout “Pickle Rick!”, we managed to get

The people who actually ‘visited’ the JoD and whose video we couldn’t legally use in our own:

SciShow, while educational, is not non-commercial, and NautilusLive footage cannot be used for commercial purposes

People who complained about the lack of any video footage or images of the actual JoD, not stopping to think that we would we legally could:

Yes, that person did complain twice.

People who really appreciated this video reports temperatures in Celsius, like every good science channel should when they don’t use Kelvin:

Celsius is the default temperature scale in all SciShow videos…do they not know that?

People who love puns (and people who love copying other people’s puns word for word…):

You might recall Master Therion from the last video’s comments. Another pun…

People who have a thing against astrobiologists:


People who have a thing against relative temperatures:

Did they miss the part where it explicitly says the name comes from the fact that it’s warmer than the surrounding seawater (4C)?

People who have a thing against my Titanic reference:


And people who actually seemed to like the video:


Also, there were people who decided to reference Spongebob, instead of Rick & Morty. I watch neither show. I don’t know what Goo Lagoon is. Or why Rick is a pickle.


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