SciShow 2018

Here are all the SciShow videos I wrote that were published in 2018:

  1. What makes (steam) radiators bang so loudly?
  2. Shrimp Treadmills & Other ‘Silly’ Research Projects (This episode was inspired by the IgNobel Prizes)
  3. Why Do All the Planets Orbit in the Same Plane?
  4.  Human Poop as Fertilizer
  5. The Hardest We’ve Ever Pushed Matter
  6. Pathological Science
  7. Ways Humans Have Literally Put Themselves into Art
  8. It’s True: The Sun Really Does Flash Green
  9. News 6/8: Disgust
  10. 6 Times Scientists Radically Misunderstood the World
  11. 5 Things Humans Got Really Wrong About Our Bodies

  12. Does Using Your Phone Really Hurt Your Sleep?

  13. 6 Surprisingly Helpful Invasive Species

  14. 7 Species That Really Are What They Eat

  15. What would happen if the Earth spun backwards?
  16. Can Digital Screens Damage Your Eyes?
  17. Why Does Wasabi Burn?
  18. 6 Weird Ways Animals Catch their Food
  19. Is Burnt Toast Bad for You?


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