SciShow Space 2018

Here are all the SciShow Space videos I wrote that were published in 2018:

  1. News 1/5: A new (bubbly) origin for the solar system and NASA’s New Frontiers finalists
  2. Naked Singularities
  3. News 1/26:  Navigating the galaxy with pulsars and a new map of Titan
  4. How Many Galaxies are in the Universe?
  5. News 2/9: SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch and extragalactic planets
  6. News 2/23: Pulsating auroras and Andromeda’s mass
  7. News 3/2: Life on Enceladus…ish…and the oldest supernova to date
  8. News 3/9: Juno’s Jupiter update and WASP 39b
  9. News 3/23: Goodbye, Stephen Hawking
  10. News 3/30: A dark matter-less galaxy and Magellanic Cloud drama
  11. News 4/6: The furthest star ever detected, and the Milky Way is growing
  12. News 4/13: Solar Tornadoes and a telescope bigger than the Earth
  13. What if the Universe were Shaped Like a Donut?
  14. News 5/11: An Infinite Multiverse? – Hawking’s last paper
  15. News 5/18: Plumes on Europa and the universe’s first stars
  16. Our Flat Universe (a follow-up to the Donut Universe video above)
  17. News 6/15: Martian Updates from Curiosity
  18. News 6/22: Mars’s planet-wide dust storm and Wind on Venus
  19. News 7/13: The Sausage Galaxy and Jupiter’s aurorae
  20. News 7/20: The (or at least One) Source of Extragalactic Cosmic Rays
  21. The Cosmic Neutrino Background
  22. News 8/10The First Inside-Out Planetary Nebula and the Perseid Meteor Shower
  23. The Deep Space Network
  24. News 8/24: The Epoch of Reionization and galaxies next door
  25. The Hypatia Stone
  26. News 9/7Jupiter update: water in the Great Red Spot and a weird magnetic field
  27. News 9/21: Ceres Cryovolcanoes and Iridium Flares
  28. News 10/12: (Maybe) The First Exomoon and Ice Blades on Europa
  29. News 10/19: The Failed Soyuz Launch and Telescope Shut Downs
  30. The Venus Zone
  31. News 11/2: The Blue Asteroid Phaethon and Supermassive Black Hole Magnetic Nets [Note: This video was incorrectly attributed to another writer – SciShow won’t correct it in the video, but they added an erratum in the description]
  32. News 11/9: Goodbye Kepler and Dawn
  33. News 11/16: Plutonian ridges and a neighborhood exoplanet
  34. News 11/30: InSight, Mars2020, and TRAPPIST-1
  35. News 12/7: Arrival at Bennu and New(ish) RNA [Note – Hank incorrectly refers to Inosine as a “base”, but it’s actually a nuceloside, a base bonded to a specific sugar molecule that would be found in the RNA’s backbone.]
  36. News 12/14No, We Did Not Just Solve Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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