JD Voyek likes talking about science and science as represented in pop culture. Often that talking is actually writing. But she’s also written two feature-length screenplays that are both solidly fantastic. Go figure.

JD has a BS in Astrophysics (Caltech) and MSc in Science Communication (Uni. of Edinburgh), and previously spent time science-ing (NASA’s JPL and the AAO) and teaching math/science. Now, she’s in debt to the US government and

  • getting paid to write for SciShow/SciShow Space
  • paying to write a PhD about science as portrayed in fictional film/tv, and
  • making/spending no money writing movies. Wait…that’s not true. It costs money to enter contests…

JD currently serves as Science Advisor for the CW’s summer show Pandora. She sometimes makes appearances around New Zealand’s convention circuit, talking about Science in Sci-Fi/Fantasy and the MCU.

Third author on a paper in the Astrophysical Journal, JD has an Erdős number of 4, putting her on par with Carl Sagan and Danica McKeller (and beating Natalie Portman by 1).

JD took a cooking class during undergrad and won “best dessert” with a dish she had never made before. There was no prize.

JD Voyek hates talking about herself in the third person.