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Science Tangents: Avatar: The Last Airbender

I started rewatching the wonderful ATLA on Netflix - binging, of course - and made it to the penultimate episode of season 1 (aka Book 1) before I thought about any science no-nos. That's pretty impressive for a show that upholds the much-outdated idea that fire, water, air, and earth are elements. Anyway, here are… Continue reading Science Tangents: Avatar: The Last Airbender

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A Nightmare Planet for Fictional Terrans & Real Astrophysicists Alike

The year is 2500; mankind has been at peace for a while, relies on solar energy, can cure most diseases, and the few soldiers left in existence are seen as a complete waste of taxpayer money because they do absolutely nothing. But when this nightmare of a planet passes the solar system, 12 of them are sent to the surface (an 18-hour trip) to find out what the giants want with the Earth.

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90 movies, 19 days, 1 dissertation

Who likes data? I collected a fair amount of data (and made many an Excel spreadsheet) over the three weeks I watched all those movies for my Master's project. This turned into my four-part video series Hollywood's Outer Space, but I also had to write up a more formal-sounding review of that data. It had to… Continue reading 90 movies, 19 days, 1 dissertation