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Science Tangents: Avatar: The Last Airbender

I started rewatching the wonderful ATLA on Netflix - binging, of course - and made it to the penultimate episode of season 1 (aka Book 1) before I thought about any science no-nos. That's pretty impressive for a show that upholds the much-outdated idea that fire, water, air, and earth are elements. Anyway, here are… Continue reading Science Tangents: Avatar: The Last Airbender


Science Advisor: Pandora

With the release of the following Deadline article, I'm allowed to say that I'm the Science Advisor for a new CW sci-fi show called Pandora: They're filming in Bulgaria right now. I was invited to the set, but would have had to pay for the entire trip myself and that's not possible on a… Continue reading Science Advisor: Pandora

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Throwing Stones at Marvel’s Endgame

Last year I threw together a quick post talking about the differences between the MCU's Avengers: Infinity War and the original 90's series the Thanos Quest and the Infinity Gauntlet. This post shall have nothing of the sort, as I'm struggling to find anything similar other than the fact that everyone who gets snapped out of… Continue reading Throwing Stones at Marvel’s Endgame


PodGuesting: AiPT Podcast #57: Science of X-Men

I was a guest on a podcast for the first time ever. What!? Click here to be taken to the site's webpage. Or here to get the episode without any context? I don't know how these things work. They cut out the part where Yelena's internet dropped out in-between mentioning Friends and The Nanny, so we… Continue reading PodGuesting: AiPT Podcast #57: Science of X-Men