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The Science of Eurovision 2021

After an unfortunate hiatus, the 65th Eurovision Song Content (ESC) has returned. This time, in Rotterdam. All 39 participating countries submitted their songs a while back (available for viewing/listening on the ESC’s official YouTube channel) but I’ve only gotten around to this post just now. #PhDLife I’m going to keep doing science tangents on their lyrics until… Continue reading The Science of Eurovision 2021


Pilot: Alien Ingénu(in)e

Logline: Stumbling into the company of an NPYD detective after her anthropological mission goes awry, a genetically engineered woman raised by an artificial intelligence assumes the guise of a naive alien to continue data collection for her creator…and to avoid being identified as the serial killer she technically is. 1-hour Sci-Fi Drama


PodGuesting: Disco Nights Season 3

The podcast doesn't have its own website, but you can find it on iTunes or any of your standard podcast apps. Disco Nights was cancelled mid-season, so not every episode got covered, and I recorded some segments that never made it to air. But you can listen to all of the ones I did record, here:… Continue reading PodGuesting: Disco Nights Season 3