CoNZealand (WorldCon 2020)


Everything was virtual this year (for obvious reasons, until you’re reading this after the fall of civilization but somehow the internet’s survived).

I presented a piece of my PhD research, entitled Creating a Taxonomy of Fictional Science in Hollywood as part of the con’s Academic Stream. I’ll be submitting a paper for peer review to be published in an edited journal; assuming it’s accepted I will provide a citation, here.

I also sat on a panel (technically a Zoom Webinar) discussing the upcoming Star Trek series Strange News Worlds (with plenty of tangents about the classic Trek series as well as the CBS All Access ones). What we hope to see. What we hope not to see. You get the idea.

While both these events were supposedly recorded, they were not uploaded to the convention’s page (available to attendees only) with all the others, so I can’t get a retroactive screencap.

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