Antibiotic Apocalypse

Back in February of 2016 I volunteered to be a background dancer in a video by Dr. Carla Brown (@Sci_Game_Girl). I’d never done a ‘proper’ video shoot before, as all of my previous acting experience consisted of theatre…plus that senior year group project ‘book’ report on The Merchant of Venice done in the form of a late night talk show (I was Shylock).

I had a great time getting covered in coloured dust and glitter, and woke up the next morning very, very sore. My shirt identified me as “Helicobacter”, which caused the director to refer to me as “Helicopter” at least once.

The video placed first in the Biology category of Science‘s Dance Your PhD competition. I take no credit for this success, other than the fact that I make the crowd one person larger.

If you look really closely (and, of course, know what I look like), you just might be able to find me in the background of the wider shots.

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