Charts! The Doom of the Noldor

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While Elwë (aka Thingol) and his descendants prior to Elros/Elrond are not of the Noldor, he was tied to their doom after offering Lúthien’s hand in exchange for one of the silmarils.

Errata: technically the CODs for Eluréd and Elurín are unknown, as they were let loose into the woods of Doriath after Feanor’s sons sacked Menegroth and killed their parents (For some reason I forgot to add Nimloth). The Silmarillion says they were never seen or heard from again; it’s presumed they starved to death. So really they should be coloured cyan, even though it’s Celegorm’s fault.

Not quite Errata: In The Silmarillion, Orodreth is Finrod’s brother, not his nephew, and as mentioned in the footnote above, Gil-galad is the son of Fingon. Christopher Tolkien decided not to incorporate his father’s updated version (Specifically, J.R.R. realized Fingon needed to be childless so the High King title would actually go to his brother, Turgon, first) because it “would have required considerable reworking of the existing text“. Or, you know, since Turgon was hiding in Gondolin the entire time, Chris could have just ignored that step, instead.

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